Bride & Groom Package

What Customer Speaks….

“My all sincere thanks toXpress-Mobile Spa! I couldn’t have planned a better bridal spa party with my group of girlfriends. Initially it looked a herculean task but your team made it look so simple easy to plan, and I did almost nothing I must say that the people you sent were so professional and so friendly, and most of all, made us feel so easy, chilled out and relaxed with the spa ambience; the aromatherapy candles, light music…it was so exciting, everything was just so perfect!! Thank you Again!!”

” All what we wanted was to try something relaxing and fun filled other than the same old clubbing scene for my best friend’s bachelorette party…. and finally i’m so glad that we did! Getting manicures,pedicures, facials, massages and having health drinks with soft little soothing music and all that at the comfort of our home – it was so cool! I cant forget this day in my life…Xpress-Mobile Spa you have made our day! Thank a ton to you all… Keep it up ”

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Bride & Groom Packages:

Bridal Package– 60 Minutes Aromatherapy Massage With Back Facial, Full Body Glow Scrub, Body Wrap, Signature Facial, Royal Manicure, Royal Pedicure, Makeup Application And Consultation,

With Hairdo –INR30,000 & up (includes trial)

Please Call for Pricing
Pampering The Bride – 60 Minutes Aromatherapy Massage, SPA Manicure, SPA Pedicure, Full Body Glow Scrub, Body Wrap,Make-Up Consultation &Application, And Signature Facial Please Call for Pricing
Groom’s Package – 60 Minutes Aromatherapy Massage, Body Wrap, Royal Manicure, Royal Pedicure, and Signature Facial Please Call for Pricing
Couple Package – 60 Minutes Aromatherapy Massage,SPA Manicure, SPA Pedicure, Xpress-Mobile Spa Signature facial,Comes complete with a bottle of Fruit Champagne, and a box of chocolates Please Call for Pricing
Nail Art Package– Knockout Nails – Who Won’t Stare At Your Hands On Your Wedding Day? Start Now To Get Them In Great Shape To Show Off That Ring. Sugar Scrub Exfoliation Of The Hands &Royal Spa Manicure. Please Call for Pricing
The Essentials – 60 MinutesSwedish Massage, SPA Manicure or French manicure, SPA Pedicure or French Pedicure, Xpress-Mobile Spa Signature facial Please Call for Pricing
Bride /Groom Companion Package – SPA Manicure, SPA Pedicure, and Signature Facial Please Call for Pricing
Note: Prises may vary for different Centre and location, also S.T & other Government taxes extra