Hamam- Experience at Home

Create the Moroccan Hamam Experience in Your Own Home

While I can’t whisk you away for a hamam in Morocco, I have put together a few simple steps that you can follow in your own bathroom so you can enjoy some of the beauty benefits of the hamam ritual and feel thoroughly pampered.
This is probably best done in the shower or stood in the bath, as lots of water is used in the hamam ritual.

You will need

  • Moroccan black soap – this soap is made from the kernel of the olive nut and has wonderful exfoliating properties.
  • A Moroccan scrubbing mitt called a gome – this course mitt will effectively remove all your dead skin cells, and increase the circulation in your arms and legs, helping to reduce cellulite. A very handy glove!
  • A Moroccan foot scrub (optional) – this little terracotta foot scrub will remove hard skin from your heels faster than anything I know.
  • Rhassoul – this wonder clay, mined from deep within the Atlas Mountains, has a list of benefits as long as your arm. See our article on rhassoul.
  • Rose water (optional) – will make you feel like a Moroccan princess.
  • Mint tea

Your step-by-step guide

  • Start by making sure your bathroom is warm and have several large fluffy towels to hand and a glass of cold mineral water.
  • Wet your skin with warm water and, starting on your legs, apply the black soap working into your skin in circular motions. Move from your legs to arms and then your middle.
  • Rinse your skin with lots of warm water.
  • Re-apply black soap and rub your skin with the mitt, working more vigorously on the area where cellulite may gather.
  • Rinse your skin with lots of warm water.
  • Sitting on the edge of the bath, generously apply black soap to your feet and run the foot scrub over your heels.
  • Rinse with warm water.
  • Make the rhassoul into a thick clay pack and apply to your body and face, you can even apply it to your hair.
  • Wait for 5 minutes as the clay works its magic on your skin.
  • Rinse off with lots of warm water.
  • Drink some cool mineral water.
  • Drizzle some diluted rose water over your skin and pat dry.
  • Wrap yourself in the largest fluffiest towel you own and sit down and enjoy a glass of Moroccan mint tea!