How Does the Franchisee System Works

How Does the System Works

Our franchising system is simple, successful and comes with minimal responsibilities, providing you with a quality return on investment. Here’s how it works:
First, we help you identify, evaluate and select the location that best fits your business goals. Our support team then helps you build-out and equip your franchise with everything your independent traditional hamam bath & western spa setup will need – from furniture, fixtures, cabinetry & accessories to marketing collaterals to promote their business.
Franchisees are then connected with trained spa &hamam bath professionals who will develop and operate the franchisee centre. These independent businesses run autonomously – that means minimal hands-on managerial responsibilities or training is required.
This simple franchising system benefits both spa &hamam bath professionals and franchisees alike. For staff, this means a business opportunity of their own with little risk or investment. For franchisees, this means a continual supply of experienced spa &hamam bath professionals and a quality return on investment without the traditional challenges of other businesses.
To learn more about how the franchising system works, please fill out a brief online application or offline application form and we will connect you with our dedicated Franchising Department professionals.

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