Why H2O

Why H2O- The India Hamam – “The Meaning Behind Our Name”
H2O- The Indian Hamam

(Blend of Modern Day Spa & Traditional Moroccan Turkish Bath Rituals)
The acronym SPA that everyone uses now for wellness centers means “SalusPerAquam” (in Latin) or “Health Through Water”. The Romans new about the advantages of thermal waters more than 2000 years ago. In our modern world, full of dusts and micro particles, thermal waters significantly help people cope in a natural and healthy way.
We focus on water as the healing agent & this is incorporated in our menu & even in the name of our brand.
Prepare yourself for the relaxation experience of a lifetime…

A Turkish Baths ritual is a journey of heating, cooling and cleansing the body, promoting a sense of relaxation and a clear mind.  At the end of the session many of our clients say they feel exhilaration, euphoria, total relaxation and absolute cleanliness.
Come and be ready of an experience much more than a Spa which we call “The Indian Hamam”.

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